Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Give Away - Power of Moms' Mind Organization Program

The wonderful women at the Power of Moms has given me the opportunity to turn my sporadic disorganized ways around and they have generously provided a few copy of their program Mind Organization for one of my visitors. Why not have that be you?!?!

Let's face it: embracing the chaos is not (I repeat NOT) a good long term plan. Especially if you want to make sure you make it to all of the birthday parties, sporting events, doctor appointments, plus pay your bills on time. I could go on about the many things that seem to 'pop-up' and humble me to the point of getting a nauseas feeling that happens after I discover that we missed yet another appointment or activity.

I could go on and on about the tolls my chronic disorganization has taken upon my family. Let's just say that I do not think my organization skills will not put me up for mother of the year award any time soon. Although my love of laughter and adventure and learning may land me a spot on a favorable mention!

I have always been goal driven when it comes to work and my own academic pursuits but I never really wrapped my head around the fact that household management should be given a good dose of effort as well. I think where it all falls apart for me is that household management involves the every day so it seems like there is a never ending list of stuff to content with. The Mind Organization Program provides a way to manage the never ending activities of household and family management.

Personally, I have begun the program and have already been able to get it together enough to conduct a yard sale and make some $ but more valuable is the space I created in my kids' playroom and my storage rack! I wish I would have taken before and after pics, but maybe these after pics my peak your interest.

If you would like to enter to win a copy of the Mind Organization Program you can do so in the following ways:

1. Leave a comment for this post (pretty easy right?): 1 entry
2. Follow my blog: 1 entry
2. Blog about the giveaway: 5 entries
3. Link up the giveaway on your blog: 3 entries
4. Facebook post with link to the giveaway: 1 entry
5. Tweet this giveaway: 1 entry
Post a Comment for Each Entry! Please include links to blogs, facebook, or twitter. Giveaway will end on July 21st.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Chaos is right...welcome back to sanity

Either the folks at Blogger are peeking in my windows or they are extremely lucky. Upon opening up my dashboard, on my Blogger account, I noticed my blog's name was shortened to just "the chaos". It is a tad bit ironic that I am hoping to using "the chaos" blog to re-establish some order up in all of this mess that has become my day to day.

I feel like I have been going full tilt for over the past two years. Ever since I received a layoff notice at my work I have been attending two graduate course a semester (yes: fall, winter, spring, and summer) to obtain my special education teaching certification with an emotionally impaired endorsement. I know it's a mouthful but it has been an even longer road.

Have you ever seen the movie Tommy Boy with Chris Farley? The one where it opens up with him running across his college campus? Well, that was me. Well, not literally but I did actually have to run just over a 1/4 mile in a full out sprint (as I saw my classmates spilling out of the building due to an early dismissal) in order to meet my professor with seconds to spare so I could turn in my term paper. Mind you this was the second week in December in Michigan. Think cold, no freezing.

As I labored into the classroom panting, I felt a sensation that could only be the marking of the last of my dignity leaving my body. I mean was I actually sprinting across campus so I wouldn't fail? Did I let it get that close? How could I let it come to that? Oh yeah, "THE CHAOS"!

The chaos comes when you add that I never truly lost my job (they called me back as most schools do when they restaff) so I have been working full time as a school counselor in addition to being a full-time mom to my three kids and a full-time wife to my husband of almost 10 years (hopefully I don't strangle him before Oct 6th!).

My re-enactment of classic Farley cinema is only but a glimpse into the ridiculousness that has morphed into the new norm. I'm done. I've had a big dose of humble pie and I want to reclaim who I feel I truly am and provide my family with the mother and wife they truly deserve and I cannot be that when I spend all of my time wishing for something else, to be doing something else, or to be somewhere else. Weekend in Vegas anyone?

Some great news though. The Power of Moms has graciously offered to sponsor a give-a-way on my blog! Have you checked out their Mind Organization for Moms program?

Hmmm...what will The Chaos look like with a bit of organization thrown in? I shudder with anticipation as I prepare to tackle the program myself and offer one free program as a giveaway! Make sure you keep an eye out for details!!!

Follow me over the next several weeks as I embark on my next journey: Quiting my job (for a year) to finish up school! It's my goal to be on top of my game when I return to work. I feel like I am at the threshold of an emergence and it feels good.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bargains to Bounty!

Bargains to Bounty

Wowzers! Count me in as one of those that have been bit by the couponing bug!

I used to clip and match-up back when I was in grad school. I routinely saved about 40-50% on groceries but quit when Ben started offering to go to the store. The thinking behind the decline in clipping was that he was much more likely to pick up whatever it is that we needed with a few "sale" items thrown in on the side. Although we save cause we always shop the sale adds, the savings I have had in the past month shows that it is definately worth the time to clip...

 Kroger: 2/5 Sale Ads Savings:  $37.25
              mfg Coupons:             $13.89
              dbl Coupons:              $10.40
Total Savings:                  $61.54      44%

2/20/11:  Sale ads savings: $31.73
                mfg coupons:       $9.40
                double coupons:  $8.40
Total Savings:               $49.53
Percentage Saved:               43%
Oh! Plus $6 towards next purchase makes the total savings to 53%

VG's 2/13 Store Savings:     $12.37
Mfg Coupons:                       $8.70
Dbl Coupons:                        $8.20
Total Savings:              $29.27
Percentage Saved:            45%  

VG's 2/19 Store Savings:      $21.21
Coupons:                                $7.00
Dbl Coupons:                         $5.00
Total Savings:               $33.21
Percentage Saved:             47%  

In all honesty, there was another VG's trip but my daughter snagged the receipt to take into school for a fundraiser. I know for shure that I saved $40 with a 40 some percent savings. We'll go with a conservitive estimate as I want to add them to the total.

Grand Total Savings:     $ 213.55
Average Percentage Saved:   43.8%

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A year of accountability

In thinking about the things I would like to tackle as a resolution for 2011, I find that they all boil down to accountability and responsibility. I guess it has taken me to the ripe age of 32 that I can no longer swing through life by the skin of my teeth.

From time to time I reflect on what may have happened had I applied myself fully. It seems simple that the more we apply ourselves the more we can achieve. So therefore, if we do not apply ourselves fully then we will not reach our full potential. It's like sitting around half-baked...not quite ready.

Don't get me wrong, I feel like I have accomplished a lot in my life. I have three wonderful (80& of the time) children, a husband that has stood by me, and a 12-year career with working with at-risk youth. However, I feel incomplete. As if I am cheating, you may say. I'm left with the feeling that one day I will be "found out" and it will all come down like a house of cards.

Funny how little insight you sometimes have into your life, even when you are a certified counselor. Seeing the forest through the trees while not tripping on logs and slipping on moss can get tricky. I feel as I have been toiling over the logs and tromping through moss rather than using a bit of effort and clearing the path ahead of me. Put off what I can do ahead of time and then put in 3x's the work to get what I need to get done done.

Time to stop the madness (no wonder why I feel like I am going crazy) and grow up into accountability.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to the Family

I originally started this blog to post about my scrapbooking sort of jacked it away from me, but now I'm back to reclaim my territory.

As my children get older, I see that it is ever more important to have a place to share those moments. So here it is! Enjoy!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Valarie Ostrom Designs

My good friend Val has been a busy girl! She has been designing and wants to share the goodies with you. She has a whole bunch of really cute kits. To help dish out the goodness, we are having a blog party! Below is a quick page I made using her Slice of Summer kit. Hope you like it! Just click on the pic and off you go!

Here is a peeky-poo at the kit:

Swing by her shop at Pretty Scrappy and check it out!

Here are the rest of the links:
Sugar & Spice
Heather <-you are here

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Here are some of my recent layouts for NDISB

Here are a few I did for 1 kit calls! I think they turned out pretty cool! My favorite is the bottom, with me and Ben!