Saturday, November 24, 2007

What is digi scrapbooking?

Basically, digi scrapping is using a photo editing program to create a digital scrapbook page.

I have some of my digi layouts posted on my myspace page and I often hear, "How do you do that?" The answer is simple... I am addicted to digi scrapbooking. I don't pretend that I am the greatest at it, but I know just enough to spend way too much time entering challenges and building beatiful pages to perserve these precious times.

Here are some basics to get you started:

1. Select a photo editing program. I like to use photoshop elements 5.0 It is simple yet versital. If you perform an online search, you can easily find one for about $30.

2. Purchase or find some download freebies. I recommend downloading some freebies until you are familiar with the process and discover your style and favorite designers. I recommend the following sites for some rockin freebies:

Download and open your files in a folder labeled "digi scrapbooking." (I will post later about how to set up and organize your files)

On to creating a page:

Open your photo editing program. I will give directions that I would use in PE 5.
1. Select file; open
2. After selecting the appropriate folder; select items you wish to use; you can select multiple items by holding down the ctrl key
3. Repeat step 2 as needed to select all of the pictures, papers, and elements you wish to use
4. Drag and drop the items onto the work space in your editing program. (I start with a 12"by 12" paper so that my page will be 12" by 12"

Make sure to save your work.